Sunday, September 4, 2016

Pranks, language learning and Elder Maynes

Me and Elder Makalio
Suh Dude, Its good to hear that you guys are all doing good. Tell kenyon good luck with golf and I know exactly how Dad and Quinn feel right now. I showed my district the pic you sent of all those missionaries on that flight and they all just got really sad because we are stuck in the MTC and that wont be us for another 7 weeks. Last night we scared the crap out of Elder Raskell. Long story short, I thought we were going to get kicked out, but Elder Raskell was a good sport. He's awesome.

The MTC has been fun though. I see Blaze and Peter Makalio everyday because they live in the dorms right below me. And two of the Korean ladies that work here said that they served with Kingston, I think one of them was named Sister Yoo. We had our first TRC yesterday which is when a Korean member of the church comes to the MTC and we teach them a lesson. Its was hard because it has to be all in Korean and our teacher won't let us bring any notes in, and he is watching us through a camera set up in the room. Here, the big thing we learn is that, getting the language down isn't the important part because if we have the spirit with us the investigator will feel it and understand our message.

Yesterday we had a devotional by Richard J. Maynes. He talked a lot about Joseph Smith and how import we are as missionaries. The days here are very long and busy but we are learning so much every day. Thank you guys so much for the packages, they are definitely not too much.

Also I just got an sd card reader form the store cuz the cords you sent me didnt fit. and if you could send my some chips, and me my green face wash that would be great cuz my face is horrible right now. And danimals ( inside joke). Finally, what time day does Tai come to the MTC?

Love you guys.
Elder Mica Matua

I don't know what's going on here LOL
Best District in the MTC
We're having too much fun serving the Lord

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