Thursday, August 25, 2016

Week One - Golden, friends and fun

Temple day with the district was awesome
Hey fam,

This is my first P-Day in the MTC and this first week has been amazing!

We got to go to the temple today which was a great experience, seeing the entire temple packed full of missionaries. I don't know if I told you this story yet but we had a zone conference a few days ago and one of our Zone Leaders, named Elder Wang, told us a story about his dad named Golden. He said his grandpa, who was born and raised in Korea, was in love with Gordon B Hinckley, so he wanted to name one of his sons Gordon. When his son was born he told the people at the hospital that he wants to name his son 'Gordon' but his Korean accent was so strong, that they thought he said 'Golden'. And that's what they put on his birth certificate. So Elder Wang's dads name is Golden Wang haha.

But the mission is still great. I have seen so many of my friends here I cant even remember them all. A few that you guys might remember are Elder Mark Miller, Elder Dillon Perry, Elder Esias Bigello, Elder Braden Millet, and so many more.

My district is awesome. Everyone always tells us that they wish they were in our district because we have so much fun. The Korean is so hard but we are slowly getting it, and they said it doesn't matter how good your Korean is as long as you help the investigator feel the spirit, God will do the rest.

Yesterday we had a devotional by brother Uceda from the Quorum of the Seventy, which was really good the times I was awake. Oh and I'm in the MTC Choir so you might see me in general conference.

The mission is so fun. I miss you guys and feel free to send me as much candy as you would like. Also i need a cord for the camera I have because I can't send any pics without it. The ones shown here are from my companions camera.

(L-R) Plata (Philippines), Clark (NY), my companion Davis (ID), Me (awesome), Winter (American Fork), Stephens (Star Valley, WY), Folkman (CO), Armisted (Layton),
Ockey (Draper) and Haskell (CA)
These guys know how to have fun
Cheesin' in the rooms

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