Sunday, August 21, 2016

Exchanges, Zone fun and working

Elder Darger came back to visit
Super busy, super fun week.

We went on 3 exchanges this week. First with the APs on monday night. I was with Elder Hansen and we had one of the coolest experiences. The mission has been trying to figure out new and creative ways to do street contacting. Elder Hansen and I made a little poster that said "#????". We wanted to go around and ask if we could take pictures with people. Snap a picture then talk to them about the Book of Mormon. Right before we started finding, we started laughing as we talked about how cool it would be if we ran into someone who already had a Book of Mormon and was just waiting to learn more. We said a pray and biked over to a night market. I hopped off my bike and said, "hey can I take a picture with you?" to the first guy I saw. He looked at the sign, then at the book in my hand, then back to me and said, "oh, I already have one of those." He happily took a picture with me and then told us how he met with missionaries a while ago, and he's ready to start meeting with them again. The Lord knows who you are!

also had the opportunity to work with 3 other missionaries in our zone. I felt like there was someone different in our apartment every single night! I've loved going on so many exchanges, really great opportunity to get a feel of how different people are doing this same sacred work.

We had a special opportunity listening to David Archuleta bear testimony and sing. Great guy, wonderful music.

Me and Elder Seamons listening
to David Archuleta
We've been working with many people lately, trying to help them develop their faith and relationship with God. It's been kind of rough seeing many people give up. The Gospel is so simple, It is so powerful. But If you're not willing to give it a chance, if you have no hope, then it will have no effect on you. The line "Come unto Jesus" in our conversations with others has turned into "LET Jesus Come unto You!" Sometimes I can literally feel the Lord trying so hard to reach out to His children here, but they are just not willing to open their hearts and let Him in.

Sorry about that little rant. I am very grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord., and for all the many times that people will actually give it a try. People that actually have "hope for a better world".We have a new friend named Eric. Ran into him on the street about two weeks ago. He let us know that He isn't Christian and that religion isn't really that important to him. BUT he was willing to pray with us on the street. He was willing to learn a little bit more about the gospel. The other day, he called us and said, "I've been praying and reading the Book of Mormon. I'm busy this weekend, but I would like to meet with you guys next week, is that okay?" I told him of course. I know the Lord will always be there waiting for us to let Him in!

Things are all good!
I love Taiwan!
And I love you guys!

Elder Chase Matua

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