Monday, August 1, 2016

Baptism, volleyball, exchanges and more

Brother Xu De An
got baptized
Elder Seamons and I had a wonderful week here in Songshan. Biggest news: Brother Xu De An got baptized yesterday right after church! It was a great experience for us all. He stood and bore a powerful testimony. I'm happy for him and for the impact it had on all those in attendance.

We were super busy this week with exchanges, trainings, and a lot of lessons. Weeks like this past one always fly by sooo fast. On Friday we had MLC. This months training is on becoming a successful missionary. Most of it was based on effective work and teaching for conversion.

Again not much too report on, things are going real well.

FHE with Brother 徐
Monday our district leader wanted to go play volleyball. He's a goof ball. We showed up and he had no ball, and no net. So we started playing pacman on the basketball lines like we used to do in elementary school. Monday night went to 許爸's spiritually uplifting FHE with Brother 徐.

Tuesday, exchanges with the JiLong elders. Talked to a guy from Minnesota who is currently living in Japan. He was on a two day break so he came down to Taiwan. He was one of the most humble human beings I've ever met. We shared about the restoration, and he said it all makes sense. Great guy.

Saturday night we rode the train to Zhong Li. Elder Seamons just moved from that area, and we went back so he could baptize one of the investigators there. Met a new friend named Miles. One of the funniest Taiwanese kids I've ever met. We ate noodles after and now I have food poisoning.

Last night we were street contacting and we started talking to this lady. We asked her what her dogs
Dinner w/missionaries in Zhong Li
name was and she said, "Seven." Later on in the contact, I accidentally called the lady "Seven".

Things are all so good! I love my brothers and sisters out here in Taiwan. I continue to find myself laughing with them on a daily basis. Such great people. I've been feeling especially grateful to have the opportunity to serve and represent my Savior lately. The phrase "Having been commissioned of Jesus Christ.." has really impacted me. I'm so honored to have His trust and His assistance as many around the world, including you and me, take part in the work of salvation!

I love you all

Thank you for your love and support!

Elder Matua

Our new friend Miles
Elder Reinjtes
I love Taiwan

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