Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Elder Mica Matua - Korea Busan Mission

Brothers: (L-R) Kingston, Mica, Kenyon
and Quinn
These past few months and weeks have been an emotional roller coaster for our family. Our third son, Mica received and opened his call to the Korea-Busan Mission and reported today to the Provo Missionary Training Center where he will learn the Korean language. Even after saying farewell to his two older brothers, we have found, that as parents it never gets easier.

Mica was so excited to get his mission underway. We sensed that he was getting a bit nervous last week but this morning and afternoon there was no way to contain his excitement and his smile was absolutely blinding.

We're not sure if he'll be as vague in his emails as his brother Kingston was  while he was serving in Hawaii, or if he will be as descriptive as his brother Chase has been while serving in Taiwan. What we do know is that we will be very fortunate if Mica writes home at all. But if he does, you can be sure to catch his updates here on the blog.

Please email or write to him as often as you can. Like most missionaries, he will be anxious to hear about home and still be a part of your lives even though he will be thousands of miles away.

Good luck Elder Mica Matua! We love you more than life.

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