Thursday, August 25, 2016

Mission Conference, compassion and visiting friends

Elder Stewart came back for a
visit and took me to lunch for
my birthday!
Another week for the books! Time is flying.

Yesterday we had mission conference with Elder David F. Evans. Filled with the spirit. We all learned a lot and I am especially grateful for the Lord's hand in my life. It's been so cool over the course of my mission to learn from chosen servants of the Lord.

This past week was awesome. We had a lot of random people show up to church and that's always the best. Brother Lin, probably our most progressing investigator should be entering the waters of baptism in two weeks. He's such a funny old man. I'll send a picture of him next week.

I can't think of what happened last week hahah. I'm sorry.

Dinner with the Xu family
SOO I will just share with you what I've been studying lately. This morning I was reading about prayer and the power of personal revelation. In Alma 27 is a section of Ammon's interaction with some recent converts. These RC's start getting attacked by others, and because of Ammon and his brother's compassion towards them, they make a plan to save them from being completely destroyed. They present the plan to the king, but the king doubts it would work. in verse 7 Alma says to the king, "I will go and inquire of the Lord, and if he says unto us, go down unto our brethren, will ye go?" I've learned that as we put our trust in the Lord and ASK Him, he guides us with His hands. With a pure heart and sincere intent, our questions will be answered by the Lord himself. Go and inquire yourself.

I love you all, and I promise this week will be exciting! Stay true to the faith.

Much love,
Elder Chase Matua

Dinner with Bishop Li and his wife
Playing ball, Steph Curry style
This park had TONS of Pokemon Go players. So I
used my camera and acted like I was playing too

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