Monday, October 24, 2016

New place, new companion and English class

We're leaving the MTC!
안 녕 하 새 요 ! 

Whats up!

Korea is amazing. The whole place is like one giant city. Everywhere you go you are surrounded by huge buildings with lights, colorful signs, and Korean words covering them. It puts New York to shame. It's my sixth day here but it feels like I've been here for six months.

My companion is named Elder Oh. He's a native but he speaks really good English and I have never met anyone who wants to work non-stop like him. All we do is street contacting 24/7. The second day I was here we did it for like ten hours and I say the same thing every time. Once my head hits the pillow at night I instantly pass out.

The Korean people are really nice though. I am serving in a place called Chang Wan. The Ward members are awesome. Twice a week we hold an English class for anyone at the chapel. The person in charge of it is named Ee Ho Jong. His son served in Hawaii and he said he knows who Kingston is but I think he changed his last name to Lee in English. There's also a Filipino guy named Robert who comes to help out. He's so funny because he's just a F.O.B.

I live in a four-man apartment, and the other two elders are awesome. Their names are Elder Royce and Elder Jenkins. I still don't really know any Korean so it's really hard to talk to people in the street, even though that's all we do. Hopefully I can somehow pick up this language.

I hope you guys are doing good at home.

Love you guys,
Elder Mica Matua

Inside our apartment

One side of our apartment
Meeting President and Sister Barrow for the first time
Meeting my new companion, Elder Oh

Practicing before we head out
First day - we got our companions, our assignment, a Book of
Mormon. Then we were told to go out and proselyte

Elder Bednar came and spoke to us last Friday. He did
a Q&A session with us

At the market they gave us two whole, deep fried chickens
to eat. An old Korean lady broke it up for us and gave us
gloves to eat them with

This is her. She thinks she's going to be famous in America

Us eating in our apartment
Eating Korean Musubi on the bus

At a baptism with the guys

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