Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Almost time, language struggles and Elder Bednar

Sculpting? We're bored
We are almost there. We have like 4 or 5 more days till we fly out. It was so good to see chase on friday. Some elders from my district wanted to meet him so they came to the lobby with me. It was funny because we had class at 6:30 and thats the time me and chase were supposed to meet. So the elders that came with me were planning to come say whats up at 6:30 and then leave for class. We waited there for a bit and at 6:40 he still hadn't showed up so I walked over to the front desk to see if they could call you guys. As I walked to the front desk one of the elders yelled Matua, and i looked at the front doors and chase walked in. It was so cool to see him here at the MTC. He was so serious about the gospel and was a great example to all of us. It was funny because had just watched the Two Brothers documentry and it felt just like when they meet in the MTC and the older id giving him all these tips for a mission. It was cool to see pictures of you guys together at top golf. I just hope you guys realize that i would destroy all of you if I was there.

Utah Lions teammate
Elder Colton Swapp (Japan)
As the days count down we are all getting so excited to leave but also very nervous. The language is probably the biggest stress here. We have been practicing street contacting a lot with other missionaries which is always funny because we can only say a few lines. Our teacher told us that street contacting actually turns into a stress reliever. He said when he was stressed he would walk outside and find an old Korean lady to talk to.

Last night we got a devotional from Elder Bednar. He gave a great talk in an interesting way. he brought his wife up to the mic and they both stood up there the entire talk switching off back and forth. He talked about going back and studying general conference talks. He told us how he studies GC talks. He gets a piece of paper and writes the name of the speaker and under that he writes: droctine or principal, Invitation, and promised blessings. He then fills those out for every talk he studies. He then played clips of general conference and had us practice. It was funny when he played Elder Cooks talk because he said,"hey this is my seat mate, in quorum of the twelve meetings." He then bore witness that any time a servant of the lord gives an invitation and promises a blessing that it will always come true.

I love you guys and I hope you guys can keep this place running while I'm gone.

Love you all
Elder Mica Matua
Utah Cannibals teammate, Elder Jaeron Masina (Trinidad)

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