Sunday, October 2, 2016

Choir, McDonald's and making the most of the MTC

The crew (district) back at the temple
First off I'm not in the GC choir. Actually only two out of the eight people in our district made it but its all good. The way they did it, since there were 1,400 people in the choir and only 300 could go, was they handed out surveys to everyone to fill out. The surveys just asked how much experience you have had singing, and if you put a lot then you made the choir. My district and I put 0 experience so they probably just threw our papers in the trash.

On Monday 30 missionaries from the senior districts flew out to Korea which now makes us the oldest district. We have seen two generations of missionaries leave and by the time we leave there will be three generations under us. We all just can't wait to get to Korea but we are also nervous since we know basically no Korean. Our branch president told us that on friday they are having a huge celebration at UVU for the 60th year of the korean mission. So everyone who has ever served a mission, or as a mission president, in Korea will be at UVU this weekend. He said they are expecting about 5,000 people.

Ready for Korean food
I haven't received any packages since I have been here. I don't know if they have been lost or what. haha j/k! I'm pretty sure I have gotten all of them. The last one was really funny with the McDonalds in it because I shared it with everyone on my floor. It was funny because everyone called me Cheese Burger Eddie, from the longest yard, because its like we are in prison and I got the McDonalds hook ups. I ran into the hall and yelled," Its not easy, bein CHEEESAY!" Oh, thanks for the extra clothes.

It was so cool to see Kingston and Sia playing against Braden. It made me want to play sooo bad, but I know it will be there when I get back. I'll probly just send those blue pants back because the blue ones that I have are like the only ones that actually fit. I am planning on sending them back once I have the temple names done. Its taking a while to get them all done because a lot of people have their own names. And we also don't always do endowment sessions. Last time we did initiatories and today we did sealings, which was really cool.

Yesterday we heard from Elder Schwitzer from the Seventy. And its funny that you said that about Kingston because he actually spoke about that last night. One thing he said was that "the mission is going to be very hard but the real trails start once you get home." Right when he said that you just see all the missionaries look down and start shaking their heads. I guess I better take advantage of the mission then. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning and I think 6:30 is so early. I just say to myself, at least im not waking up at 6:30 to go install fences until 7pm. Keep an eye on john and any of my other friends if you see them around.
With the cuzzie Elder Tautai Matua

I probly won't need anything warm. I think I can last until I get to Korea and then Ill just buy a cheap jacket over there. Stay awake during general conference and have a good week.

Love you guys,
Elder Mica Matua

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