Wednesday, October 5, 2016

General Conference, Vocal Point and horrible Korean

Hey fam,

Crazy in the dorms
This had been an awesome General Conference week. I actually stayed awake for most of the talks. It was cool to listen to the prophets after teaching people about them everyday. My favorite talk was probably Uchtdorf probably because he is the easiest one to pay attention to. It was different sitting in uncomfortable bleachers with a suit on when i'm usually in PJ's laying on the couch, but it did help me to stay awake. I'm glad that Tai got to sing in the choir it was pretty cool seeing him up there.

After general conference on Sunday we got a devotional from Vocal Point. They were good and it was cool because they would sing and then one of them would get up and share a story and his testimony. They asked not to clap when they were done because it was Sunday and they wanted to keep the spirit. Their last song was the best. If you get a chance you should look up 'Nearer my God to thee' by Vocal Point. Then after that we watched "Meet the Mormons part two," for the second time.

Thank you for the packages and Elder Davis also says thank you for the book. We had like twenty people storm into our room once I opened the chips and dip. And can you send me the Soifua's email? They sent me a package yesterday.

'Bout to start WWIII
My Korean is still horrible, I'm getting nervous to go to Korea because I feel like I don't know anything and we leave in less than two weeks. We met a sister here who is strait from Korea and barely speaks any English. We always try to practice our Korean with her but when we do we just realize how bad we are at it. Yesterday our district was talking to her and asking her what part of Korea she was from, and then she started to guess where we are from. She went down the line pointing at us saying America, America, America, and then she paused when she got to me and said Mexico? Everyone started busting up, and now everyone in my district calls me Mexican.

Yesterday we got a devotional from Sister Burton, the Relief Society something. It was funny because her granddaughter is in the MTC right now and Brother Burton brought her up during his talk.

Its crazy that Chase is coming home on Friday. I got a slip from the Information Desk that told me a
This food disappeared in 2 mins
Thanks Soifua's!
brother/sister will be coming to see me on Friday so I/m guessing that's Chase? When he comes you should tell him to bring his camera and switch me because I think his is a lot better. I'll send you my pant size and I'll also try to get that package to you this week. can you tell me how to send it one more time.

Love you guys,
Elder Mica Matua

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