Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ran into Bishop Raass
Hey fam,

I only have two minutes to tell you I'm alive. We got here late last night. Its such an amazing place. Our mission president is awesome and we have great trainers. We are about to start.

Love you guys,
Elder Mica Matua

Dear Parents of Missionaries,
Your son or daughter arrived safely here in Busan, South Korea this evening at 9:30pm. The missionaries are excited, and at the same time, very tired! The Elders and Sisters were greeted at the airport by President Barrow and Sister Barrow, the Assistants to the President, and the Office Assistants, as well as the Busan Stake President, and a few other drivers from the various wards in the Stake. Tonight they will sleep at the Mission Home (Sisters) and at the AP’s apartment (Elders). In the morning they will start right out with interviews and training. During the training time period, each missionary will have the opportunity to email his or her parents to let you know that they are fine and well! They are safely here in Korea! We are looking forward to getting to know them tomorrow. They will have a very busy, full day, and will leave with a new companion-trainer to go out to their areas tomorrow evening.

Our prayers are with you, and your sons and daughters, as you make this sacrifice. They will have a great experience and will accomplish wonderful things.

Sister George
Korea-Busan Mission

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