Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Long week, dinner with Bishop and an awesome Ward

That's me eating pig intestine soup - yum!
How's it,

Our Ward is awesome. It is one of the larger wards here with a little over a hundred people. All of the members here are awesome. My companion and I sit in the back with the English speakers so he can translate for them, and me. We had dinner at the Bishops apartment a few nights ago which was great. He has five kids, and his little baby is so funny. He is barely old enough to walk but when you bow to him he puts his hands at his side and bows back.

Things are going good with my companion. It's hard to connect with him because we are from two completely different lives. I would have taken more pictures but my companion doesn't like me taking pics while we're out teaching. I guess we'll see how the next transfer goes.

It's hard to connect with any Koreans here because all the youth do is go to school from 7am to 9pm and when they aren't in school they are playing computer games at the PC bong.

It has been a very long week. Im still trying to figure out how to do this but I know it will come. I'm glad to hear that we finally beat Herriman. I've noticed that I have always wanted to beat Herriman because of their fans and coaches and not because of their players.

Today is my fist holiday in Korea. It is going to be sad not having Thanksgiving or Christmas with the fam this year.

Love you guys,
Elder Mica Matua

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