Sunday, November 27, 2016

Exchanges, English classes and Masan

View over Masan


I feel so bad for the Tarawhiti's. Tell them I'm praying for them. And I'm trying my best to keep my teeth healthy. I feel like I've had so much work on my teeth that I never want to see a dentist again. And it's good that people are visiting our house with you guys getting so close to becoming empty nesters, haha just kidding. I was always worried to bring my friends over because all the food would be gone and the house would get trashed. That's why we always went to the Levys' basement; they didn't have any food and their basement already looked like a war zone. LOL

My Zone Leader and I in
But things are going good here in Korea. I'm getting used to the missionary life and slowly learning the language. It is still coming pretty slow and I'm still pushing through with my companion. This week was good. we had an English speech contest for our English class, then we watched "Meet the Mormons". I also went on an exchange with the Zone Leader over in Masan, which was way fun. It sounds like the ward is doing awesome.

It looks like you guys had a blast at Thanksgiving Point. That was a very interesting group that went with King and Chase. Is that Lono? and who is the black kid? That's so cool to hear that Stan [Raass] is the young mens president. Tell Kenyon to have fun catering hahahaha. Oh and hopefully Grandpa John is still there when I get back. Tell him he needs to start eating a lot of Korean food. The people over here live for like a thousand years.

We usually have the same morning schedule, and then either go to appointments with investigators, less actives, or just go proselyting. My shoes are good and I got a coat and a sweater. I'll send you a picture. It's a big warm coat, and it's pretty nice, and it only cost five dollars at the market, 5 bucks.

Love you and have a great Thanksgiving.
Elder Mica Matua

A large market we found
Lots and lots of fish in the market
My new $5 jacket - straight fire
My other $5 jacket - more fire
My $5 monk robe - tiiiight!
My gas station spam roll
English class Speech Contest

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