Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Awesome week

A serious pic in the elevator
This week was full of miracles. Probably one of my favorite weeks in Taiwan so far.

The weather was pretty crazy. The first couple of days were just notstop rain. the last half of the week was SUUPPERR hot! I couldn't stop sweating it was soo hot! It was good though.

We had a good amount of lessons this week, all of which were solid.

Monday night we were out knocking doors near the chapel. We
ran into this man who was standing outside of his house. We asked him what his name was and right aways he said, "When I have time, I will talk to you guys." ..Buut we just kept talking to him. He was an older man, told us his name was John Kai. He told us he was a little busy and that we could come back the next night. So we did! We had a lesson with him and it turned out he already had a Book of Mormon and that he was baptized over 30 years ago in a different city. We learned he really loved reading the Book of Mormon, but for one reason or another he slowly started fading away from the Gospel. We told him we were gonna help get back of the path. We are hoping and praying that we can help him do so.
And a goofy elevator pic

Another miracle this week:
We are trying to figure out what to do with our investigator Martin. He's been investigating for over 3 months now and we've been hitting that same wall each and every week: his parents won't let him get baptized. So my companion and I decided to try his faith a little bit. We asked him if he believes that God could help his parents understand that being baptized is a good thing. He said, "Of Course!" So we invited him to talk to his parents one more time, to see if they would allow him to be baptized this coming Saturday. In the middle of my sentence as I was asking him, my companion hits me in the back and says, "Can you hear the song playing?" We were having this lesson in a 7-11 and there was music quietly playing over the speakers. I almost fell off of my chair when I heard what song was playing. There we were, in the middle of Taiwan, on the outskirts of this little city, just sitting in a 7-11 and "Be Still My Soul" was playing on their speakers, in English! My companion and I were speechless, and Martin was SO confused. Surely it was a miracle. It was a good thing Martin could understand English. He loved the song. I believe Heavenly Father was trying to tell him to be still, or be confident in the power of the Lord. I think God was also trying to tell me that regardless of what happens, even if his parents don't let him get baptized, my soul needs to be still. In the Lord's time, all things are made right.
This little guy fell on my bike

Just a week full of miracles. So many to write down.

We just straight up had a fun and successful week. I raced my bike with some kids, and when I smoked them and turned around to see where they were, they were gone. Vanished into thin air. That was pretty funny. We met a LOT of crazy people. The usual. And a lot of amazing people. The blessings.

I love you all and hope you have a blessed week.

Much love!
Elder Chase Matua


This little guy is not actually a member. He is the step brother of one of the ward missionaries. While he was waiting for his brother to get out of a meeting, I showed him this picture of our family and he was just like, "Woah! Why are they ALL missionaries!?" I started busting up laughing.

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