Monday, June 8, 2015

Yet another amazing week

Sometimes reading "Jesus the Christ"
(Talmage) is too intense
Long Tan is truly a place where you see miracles.

Elder Lindahl and I are just going crazy out here. Our finding time has been so great. The spirit leads us to one after the other. So many great people. Many of them don't live in our area, but Team Jesus you know?

I've decided there were just way too many miracles that have happened this week, so I'll share probably one of my favorite moments I've had on my mission. We were walking around the pond, speaking to every one. We sat down by a man on his phone and started sharing about the "Because He Lives" video. We watched it with him, but he didn't have very much interest. Out of the corner of my eye, I see 2 guys sitting a couple of feet away from us.

With our awesome Filipino friends
So as soon as The other man ran off, we turned around and walked over to the other 2 who seemed really curious about what we were saying. Turns out they were from the Philippines. There are tons of people from the Philippines that come here to Taiwan for work. We usually don't get the chance to talk to many because they're usually working ALL day long. But these two were sitting out under the trees eating some food together, celebrating one of the guys birthday. We just started talking to them about the usually stuff. The one who's birthday it was told us they were actually christian. We asked them if they heard about the "Because He Lives" video. They said no, so we watched it with them. One of them just started bawling. After the video was over he bore to us his testimony of Jesus Christ. Before we left, we asked him if he didn't mind saying a prayer in Tagalog for us. In the middle of his prayer he started crying again. The spirit was SO strong. He told us he would never forget the moment, and I told him neither would I. I love having the opportunity to feel of God's love for all of His children.
With some old friends from the MTC
It's so amazing.

Yeah, it was also a pretty busy week as well. Zone meeting and Zone conference in one week, two exchanges. One with Elder Dorius, my good buddy from the MTC, and one with our Zone Leader, Elder Miller. Another thing I've been so grateful for is the wonderful friends I have made while one my mission. It was a really great week, and looking forward to another great one. I hope each of you has an absolutely blessed week!

Another funny story - Just a short one,
At least 40 helicopters flying over
our apartment
Last night we were going on some less active visit's with our Elder's Quorum Presidency. We
actually visited the lady who I visited my first night here in Long Tan. The Elder's Quorum President asked her if she remembered me. She looked at me for a second then said, "OH yeah. You've gotten more fat."

Taiwanese people are straight up. They really don't like beating around the bush. Don't worry, I'm trying to lose weight hahah. Might be a Prop when I get home!

Love you all
Elder Chase Matua

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