Sunday, June 28, 2015


Visited my bunny friends again
Uh..yeah. I've gained a whole kilogram over the past four weeks. After I made a goal to lose five. I am eating WAY too much fried rice.

Another awesome week. These emails are getting harder and harder because every week that goes by, the harder it is for me to remember what happened through out the week haha. I'll try me best!

We've found two new investigators. Peter is awesome. I actually met him the second day I was in Longtan, but never heard from him again until last Tuesday. I didn't realize that I have met him before until he said our closing prayer on the street. I feel like he's been praying on his own. He's way awesome. He actually lives in our apartment building. His family doesn't have any religious background, and he's very willing to open his heart and try the words and promises of the prophets. He's really great. He loves county music and I thought he was 25.. yeah, he's 16.

QQ is a young lady that our bishop's wife brought to church yesterday. Our Bishops wife baby sits her little boy. She was really quiet, but she had a lot of really good questions. We're excited to see the progression both Peter and her will make.

This week is the Last transfer meeting for President Day. So sad. But he's invited everybody in the entire mission to attend the transfer meeting, so it's going to be intense. There's a big possibility I get a new companion which it'll be really sad leaving Elder Lindahl. He's taught me a ton. He's such a champ.

Dragon Boat Festival was crazy!
Friday I went on an exchange with Elder Dorius from the MTC. He is definitely one of my best friends i've met on my mission. He's such a goofball. it was good catching up with him and grinding out some work.

We walked passed the pond during the Dragon Boat Festival. I'll just say the Taiwanese people now how to have a celebration.

We had some pretty great Less Active visits this week. With both of the families we're really working with, we decided to share the blessings and importance of the Temple. Heavenly Father loves us indeed. Everything else aside, the blessings and even the feelings you get as you enter one of God's many holy temples are so amazing. It brought so much happiness to my heart as I shared my feelings of the temple to those lost sheep. I hope and prayer that the spirit talked and is talking to them to make the temple a priority. I love the Temple.

The rest of the week was pretty great. Lots of good stuff.

Happy Father's Day Pops!
Man, every time I read your emails I get teary eyed. Then just motivated to continue to make you and mom proud. I had a cool moment yesterday with my companion. We were just talking about our families and I started talking about you. I realized how blessed I am to have a wonderful man of God as my father. A lot of memories came to my mind when I learned a ton from you. Dad I can't wait to come home and give you a big hug! Congratulations on the call to the bishopric. I know you'll do a lot for our humble ward. Good luck with all of that. I hope mom and the boys treated you well today! You're in my daily prayers. I love you so much Dad. Have a blessed week!

I hope you all have a blessed week!

Much Love,
Elder Chase Matua

P.S. I got this email today from one of the youth in the ward I served in Colorado Springs. He reminded me SO much of mica. The Lord works in mysterious ways. I love missionary work!

Hi, Elder Matua, it's Eddie. I've thought about you lately and decided finally to say hi. I am only 15 but I know that I need to start preparing myself for a mission. I what did you do when you started to get ready? What are you doing now while on a mission?

I also wanted to say again how thankful I was for love and spirit inspired letter you wrote to me. I read it a lot and get teary eyed every time. I am so thankful that you were worthy and so blessed to receive such insight from God to write to me. You were and are a great light and example to me and how I need to be a Christ like example. So thanks again. Tell me how your mission is going. I want to know the good experiences that you have had.

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