Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mining for Gold...en investigators

Cool little turtle we found...
down by the baaay!
Just kidding, it was by the good ole
Dragon Pond
And we found one! His name is Pierce and he's super awesome. The only thing he's worried about is when he gets baptized, he's nervous his parents will be super disappointed in him when he can't go to do their Buddhist worship. Besides that, he's ready to go! We also have another investigator named George. When we first started meeting with him, he got really mad when we invited him to be baptized. He has already been baptized into another Christian Church, so he was really just confused why he has to get baptized again. Last week, we took him to a baptismal service in the next area over, and he said he felt something different. We
This is made of mangoes
from the Celestial Kingdom
met with him again on Sunday morning before church, and he is now willing to be baptized! He's on date for the 27th of this month. Super exciting.

We had a lot of really cool experiences on the street this week. We met a 20-year-old kid named Skater. He skates. cool huh? before we got into teaching him anything, he asked us a question about where we go when we die. We taught him about the plan of salvation, and it was like he already knew it. (Which he did, he just doesn't know he knew it hahaha). The next day he sends us a picture on Facebook. I guess his mom was sitting a ways off. She took a picture of him talking to us, and his caption was "I met two angels today". It was way cool.
View from above Long Tan
Unfortunately, he's going down to Gaoxiong for his military service, but he said he'll try to keep in touch. He also said he'll take the Book of Mormon and read it. Super great.

That along with all the other miracles just made this a super great week. Elder Lindahl and I are just surprised at the things we've been running in to. We meet so many great people on the streets. lots of crazy ones as well. For example: We met a guy who sincerely told us he's dying to become a Muslim. We tried talking to him about his beliefs about God and other things, but he repeatedly said, I just really want to be a Muslim. Finally I asked
One of the hills we bike up
This pic does not do it justice
him why and he said, " Because they can have four wives." He was a great guy.

Tthe work is moving right a long. We have transfers next week and we've heard one of us is moving. Which is super sad. Elder Lindahl is super great, we feel like we're working super good together. but now we might get split. Oh well. The will of the Lord. Come what may and love it!

My testimony of the truthfulness of the Restored Gospel of Jesus
Crazy tiny wabbits!
Christ has been growing huge lately. I can tell you from the sincerity of my heart that we have a God of love. He truly is our FATHER in Heaven. He has provided perfect ways for us to develop our relationship with Him. What He requires most is our faith. With faith, anything is possible that is expedient in Him. I love the Lord and the guidance He has given me through his Holy Prophets. Yes the ones that are living on the Earth today. I love the Book of Mormon now more than ever. And Prayer has taken on a brand new meaning in my life. These things were all made possible because a young boy named Joseph Smith humbled himself and sought truth. I know that no matter who you are, you can do the same exact thing. Isn't
Our crazy funny LA
that a God of love? He loves us so much that he will provide for us ways to find truth for ourselves, through the spirit of God. I love Heavenly Father and my Saviour Jesus Christ.

I hope each and every one of you has such a blessed week! Love one another! Hold to the Rod!

Elder Chase Matua

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