Wednesday, June 10, 2015

More aloha!

With a family friend
visiting Maui from Utah
Another great week is in the books! We were able to meet and teach a new investigator....well she's kinda new. She has lots of family in our ward and has been coming to church almost every Sunday since I've been in Makawao. She actually came to us last Sunday and told us that she wanted to take the lessons. We will be teaching all the lessons as Pres. Takitaki's house, her uncle. As part of the first lesson she told us that she is planning on getting baptized!! So I'm pretty pumped for this next week, hopefully we can get her to commit to a date and start getting ready.

Lots of good potential coming up this week and we can't wait to see how everything goes. All of our other investigators and less-actives are doing great and are making some good progress. Hope all is well for all of you at home and all my fellow missionaries in the field. Keep on keeping on folks!

Elder Kingston Matua

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