Monday, May 25, 2015

Makawao update

Well we had a good transfer week. Made some progress with a few of our newer investigators and also had some good visits with the members of the bishopric.

We are having a tough time with some of our less-actives. We're just not getting much commitment from anyone right now. But even with all of that, we can still see the Lord's hand in His work, and we are able to have quality lessons every week.

We were also able to contact a media referral, and she actually wanted the Book of Mormon! That doesn't happen too often on the first try ;)! She told us that she has family that are members and that she is open to learning more about our church. So hopefully we can have a chance to help her learn from the spirit.

All is well here in Makawao. We get choke rain everyday, everywhere we go. Every week I love the Makawao Ward more and more. There are wo many great people here. Elder Batac is doing good over here. Very nice kid from the Philippines.

Hope everyone is having a great memorial day!

Love you all!
Elder Kingston Matua

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