Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Working hard on the aloha spirit

We had some new prospects but some new challenges as well. These people in this Samoan ward keep scaring everyone away! LOL We have really been struggling this week with the ward but all is well. If I have learned anything it is that the Lords work can never be stopped. It can be slowed by the people, but never stopped. We just keep doing our thing and pushing along knowing that the Lord has a plan and that everything will fit right in the end.

I'm so grateful for you dad and mom! You guys kept it together through thick and thin and showed us boys that no matter what we are going through their is a way to be happy and overcome our trails. I pray that we can all find our way no matter what the difficulties may be.

That's awesome that the [United Rugby] team is looking good this year. Sounds like there were a lot of teams at the spring warm up this year. Keep those boys on track.

Send my love to Dillon and the newest member of this crazy family! Wish I could be there but the work moves forward.

Alofa tele
Elder Kingston Matua

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