Thursday, March 19, 2015

Temple trip and the Lord's work

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We had a temple trip today so our P-Day is today instead of yesterday. The temple this morning was great as usual. I got to see the Selu family while I was there. It was great to see them in the session this morning.

Bro & Sis Selu
(photo: M. Selu)
This past week was kinda rough. None of our investigators came to church and that's never fun. But life goes on and the work continues. Elder Talatau and I are still doing good together. Both of us are still trying to grasp the fact that our time is so short. We just keep moving and forget about it.

Everything is great here as far as how me and Elder T. are doing. I just received a letter from Pres. Warner that there is a possibility that they might close our area, mostly due to the fact that we are going down in missionary numbers. There is a good amount of work in this ward but them members must be involved. But we will do what we can while we are here and see what happens.

Congratulations to the BYU Rugby boys on your big win last week [against St. Mary's]. A big Happy Birthday to Mica and Quinn! Sorry I'm still working on getting more post cards for birthdays so I'll try and send those out asap.

Love you all! The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored and His work is moving forward!

Elder Kingston Matua
Exploring Hawaii

Good to see the Selu boys
(photo: M. Selu)

P-Day fun

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