Monday, March 9, 2015

Busy in Long Tan

Another great, busy week!

Hot pots
We have some investigators that are pretty close to baptism. Two have dates for next Saturday, but we've been running into some problems. First, one of them has some word of wisdom problems. We've been making some great progress with helping her quit smoking. We've gotten here down from 2 packs a day to 5 cigarettes. Unfortunately, if she doesn't quit cold turkey by this Saturday, we're going to have to push her date back.

Our second is a 16 year old boy who hasn't gotten permission from his parents to be baptized. They
Stinky tofu
are so against him getting baptized. They are more than willing to let him meet with us often and even go to church every Sunday, but they don't want him to be baptized. Not sure why. Here in Taiwan, the legal age of an adult is 20 years old, so if worst comes to worst, he'll have to wait. He's so solid right now, if that were to happen, he'd continue to build his faith until he can get baptized.
Our ward is great. Everyone works really hard in their callings and they are very helpful with the missionary work in the area.

Lots of my pictures this week are of food. I promise you I do so so good.
much more than just eat hahah. The food is just

Me and Elder McClellan
Riding around on bikes is still super fun. I ride behind my companion and it's super intense because a lot of times he tries to be the king of the road and well... cars don't really care haha. Good thing he's been riding a bike for a while now, or else his dodging skills wouldn't be as good. Mica would absolutely love meeting my companion. I think they would be best friends.

Something super crazy that happened this week was the celebrations. I'm not 100% sure what it is called but it was some sort of lantern festival. I never knew people could party so hard. They had a huge parade, and it was bumpin! Coolest thing I've ever seen. Plus, I've never seen SO many people crammed in one area. The pond is pretty big, but you could not move around at all. We were trying to contact there, but nobody really wanted to listen. It was rough, but a neat experience seeing the culture.

Scooter game too strong in Taiwan
My Chinese is still really struggling. I am getting a lot better at understanding what people are saying, it's just hard for me to respond. It takes a while for me to form sentences and phrases. Slowly but surely. I'm positive my language ability will click at the right time as long as i'm working my hardest.

I hope you guys all have a great week the week.
Love each of you!

Elder Chase Matua

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