Tuesday, March 31, 2015

One more week 'til conference

Serving the Lord is fun to do
Unfortunately people don't come at us in mobs, it's more like they avoid us in mobs. Almost everyone knows to turn and run when they see the white shirts coming. But I guess that's a good way to distinguish who's ready and who's not. Those who linger get exactly what they need haha! I was laughing last week when Quinn was bummed that he wasn't able to get ordained. I'm glad that he was so pumped to get the priesthood.

We are losing missionary numbers. When I first got here we were at 250, by the end of this year we are supposed to be down to 150. So president has been forced to shut more and more areas down. Don't know what the future holds right now but I love all of the lessons that I have learned here in Moanalua 2nd.

Hon-West Elders
My State of mind is so scrambled right now its not even funny. I can't grasp all that is really going on so I'm just trying to stick to the basics and get through the next three months. I swear every time I look at the calendar a week has just slipped right on by. It's all pretty crazy. But we are all doing good over here. Dad told me about the Loos (Big Island). They are an awesome family!

It is weird everything is starting to blur. I have also committed myself to writing in my journal every day from here on out. I have to confess that I have been horrible at writing. But every time I go back and read, I have so many flashbacks and great memories. I regret not listening to you more there. But it was so hard!

Can't wait for conference.

Anyways Love you choke!
Elder Kingston Matua

More service...and I guess my eyes are tired LOL

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