Monday, March 23, 2015

Fellowshipping and basketball

Sis Liang's baptism
Another awesome week has come and gone!

Time is certainly flying. It's kinda crazy that I'm coming up on my six month mark. Just fantastic! Better than ever. I'm trying to study up the talks from the October Conference before next weekend. I'm really enjoying it! Can you believe I've almost been out six months already? Because I can't!

We have to wait a week before they show conference here. They do all the translations then broadcast it to the stake centers. So You guys get to hear it before me!

The work is continuing to move forward here in Long Tan. Saturday we had the opportunity of watching Sister Liang enter the waters of baptism. She has definitely come a long way, and we are so happy to have seen her achieve her goals and press forward with faith.

We have two more investigators that are close and should be getting baptized within the next month. We hope everything goes well for them.

This week we are focusing on our less actives. We have a HUGE ward list. Every Sunday, we have between 35 and 40 people there, so I wasn't expecting to see such a long list of names. We're planning on contacting each name on the list and help them find their way back to the fold!

Selfie game is too strong in Taiwan
I haven't dared step on a scale. I do need to find one though. The past couple of days have been pretty chilly. But the peeps are telling us that it's gonna warm up soon. One of the guys in our ward told us that starting in April, we wont have running water every Wednesday and Thursday. don't know how long that's supposed to go for. but it'll be rough. my pants are busting at the seems. LOL Nah their good. my shoes are doing great.

I'm working out hard each morning.....trying to. I'm getting better at it. And the biking does help. I just need to make smarter eating choices. I feel super healthy though. If I wasn't a missionary, I'd be so fat with all the eating I'm doing. The spirit devours most of my food for me, so it's all good!

Funny story: Last Monday, we were playing basketball again for our pday activity. The kids had a day off of school, so there was tons of them playing basketball with us. It was so funny because they all called me Blake Griffin and they thought I was SO good at basketball. You all know how terrible I am at basketball hahah. Every time I made a shot, all of them started clapping and cheering. I was laughing my head off.

The rest of the week was pretty eventful. We did a lot of street contacting and door knocking! A couple of people ran into us that seem pretty interested. We're praying to see some success with them.

Our new investigator Ace
I thought it was funny to see Quinners with all of his little friends. Good thing is that I think he's too humble and obedient to get into too much trouble with all of those girls as he continues throughout his schooling hahah. Sounds like Mica and Kenyon are both doing great with school and sports. I just hope Mica is starting to see the importance of Seminary. One of the things I was so grateful for was seminary. Some of my strongest spiritual experiences came from seminary.

I know this email is super short. I hope you all have a blessed week!

Elder Chase Matua

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