Monday, August 31, 2015

More rain, working hard and a happy surprise

With Sis Ma
Wow, yet another week. I love being a missionary!

The week went by SO fast I can hardly remember what happened.

The work continues to be a battle. It always will be. We've met some great people this week. We're hoping to help them make some good progress.

I've decided that Taiwan is just a very interesting place. Every. Single. Day. is an adventure. I've never felt a day repeat itself. It's great.

Lots and lots of rain
Miracle of the week: We had an investigator show up to Church yesterday..and she liked it! Her name is Sister Zheng. She's been coming to our English class every Wednesday. We actually met her on the top of a mountain. We biked all the way up to this village we found on the map. Great place. We've been inviting them to come to English class and Church. We were also teaching the brother. This past Wednesday, she told us that her parents don't want us to come to their home anymore. We thought that she was gonna stop coming to class, then She shows up to Church on Sunday. She said she'll be back next week! We're excited for that.

Buddha fruit
This week we have zone conference, Pretty pumped for that. It's pretty crazy how fast time flies, we have General Conference in five weeks!

Two of my buddies from my Chinese class back in Lehi emailed me this week letting me know they got called to this mission. Super happy for them. That's 3 more people I know from Lehi coming out here.

Well, I wish I could remember more of what happened. hahaha I love being a missionary. Taiwan is a wonderful place. And I guess I'm a big fan of Tofu now. Weird. hahaha Taiwan has the best food in the world. I hope you all have a blessed week.

Love each of you.
Elder Chase Matua

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