Monday, August 17, 2015

Transfers, parties, farewells and trees

Great week.

Our area is moving. Slowly, but it's moving. Our ward is doing great. We have a lot of people who are STRIVING, and it's great help towards the work of the Lord.

Last monday our Stake President had all the missionaries over for lunch. It was really great, every missionary was asked to bear their testimony and why they were out serving a mission. It was good to take a step out of things and consider why I'm out here in a foreign land doing the things I'm doing. Good stuff.

Tuesday we had district meeting. Last district meeting with Elder Tang because he moved on Friday! Him and Elder Chand both moved out of our area. Sad time, but they'll do great things in their' new areas. And we've had some pretty great missionaries come down here. It's gonna be a good transfer.

The Samoan in me came out
Wednesday night we had our English party. Played a lot of games. Elder Stephens and I set up a huge game of musical chairs with Enya playing. It was pretty funny, they had a blast playing.

The rest of the week was a blur. On Saturday, Elder Love and Elder Lindahl (my previous companion) made their way down here to taidong. Both awesome missionaries.

Sunday morning was pretty sad. Sat night, Our friend Gao Yu Chen told us he was gonna come to church with us on Sunday. He hasn't been for quite some time, so we got pretty excited about that. Sunday morning before church we rode out to his house to get him. We got there and his mom told us he went out to play soccer with his friends. We were so sad. We have time set up this week to meet with him. Hopefully he'll be willing to keep on moving forward.

This poor Fijian helped me out
Yeah this week was pretty good. Changes all over the mission due to the transfer. It's gonna be a good 6 weeks.

That's all for today. Don't worry, I feel a good email coming on in the near future.. hopefully haha. I love you all. Thanks for the love and support. Have a blessed week!

Much love!
Elder Chase Matua

Said goodbye to awesome friends this week
Culture moment: Remove your shoes...
...and put on some slippers
My new flower pillow... growin like a boss
Last District meeting with Elder Tang before transfers
From the top of our Stake Presidents home
Good times in Tai Dong

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