Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Another week of ups and downs!

Pres. Jergensen loves BYU rugby
First off, President Jergensen is the greatest! We had interviews with him on Tuesday and man was it such a good experience. It was really one of my highlights of my mission so far. He's such a loving man, and he's SO fired up about the work. So honored and blessed to have the opportunity to serve with him!

The work is going a little hence the "downs". This area is so huge. It's so hard finding that ONE that is just so ready to receive the gospel, specifically from Elder Stephens and I. Slowly but surely. This week we're going to have a do or die (he's not really going to die if it doesn't work out!) lesson with one of our investigators, Gao Yu Chen. He is super great, we're just not exactly sure if now is there right time to make a serious covenant with our Father in Heaven. He hasn't been able to make it to church for a while
Being silly on p-day
because of soccer practice. Keep him in your prayers. He's too great.

We're really trying to define our ward mission plan. We have been counseled over and over to really focus on strengthening our ward and working through them. Working through the members is the most efficient way to find and teach prepared souls! I mean knocking on doors for hours on end is fun and all. But the Lord as well as every one else knows there's a better way! So that's coming along well and hopefully we can refine it and put it to work!

With the best zone ever!
We've been visiting a member's husband at the hospital every night for the past couple of days. It's been neat seeing the member's testimony of prayer and to learn from that.

Funny story: We ran into a Jehovah's Witness the other day. Wow, what an experience. I won't say to much besides that, it was actually really frustrating.

Nothing else too crazy happened, at least not that I can remember. I'm still loving this work. I'm loving the way it's shaping me, and I'm loving the things that I'm learning. My relationship with my Father in Heaven and with our Savior Jesus Christ continues to grow, and it's great! Gotta love it!

Have a blessed week ya'll!
Elder Chase Matua

I decided to be a model on this rock lol!
Kids in Taiwan are super funny

I was waiting for my food when the woman behind the counter
said, 'You come cook it'. So much fun.

Biking is awesome

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