Monday, July 27, 2015

Working hard

Me and my buddy Lego
Yet another great week! today actually marks my 300th day on a mission. Two more months and I'll have been out for a year. Crazy or what?

Elder Stephens and I have been visiting some places in our area that haven't been visited in a while. And we saw many miracles. People that live up in the "top of the mountain" tend to be super humble and really nice. Funny how that works.

We spent two separate days up there and we met so many great people that welcomed us right in, gave us some water, and willingly listened to the message of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Interestingly enough, some have never heard of Jesus Christ. So it is such a wonderful, happy experience to introduce my Savior and their's to them.

Zhou Dai Xuan's baptism
Our actual investigator pool is really thin. So many wonderful people, just not enough that are willing to keep the commandments of God. We knocked a certain door this week and I will never forget the feeling I got when half their family came to the door. Right away they saw our name tags, and they said "oh don't worry, we're already a part of a different church down the road." They did not want to hear anything we had to say. I immediately felt prompted to just bare my testimony about Jesus Christ and Thomas S. Monson. I really felt like Jeffery R. Holland. they still didn't want to listen to us, but I feel like the spirit began to creep into their hearts as they went inside.

Our area in Liji
More often than not do I see Satan's hands wrapped around people sooo tight. Most don't even know it. The chains of sin and temptation are soo thick, and the worst part is, they aren't willing to accept help.

One of our investigators, Gao Yu Chen, is really having a hard time coming to church. He's Soo close to being baptized, he just has to take that ONE last step. He'll get there! ZhouDai Xuan got baptized on wednesday! such a humble little friend. He got confirmed on sunday.

Life is good. Really good. Hope you guys all have a wonderful blessed week! Until next time.

Elder Chase Matua

Racing a 9-year-old. He was fast!
Giant spider - no good
Our zone with Lego

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