Monday, July 20, 2015

Monkeys, rain and more rain

AAAnd we had a great week! Tons of service, two exchanges, plenty of rain, and much growth. Gotta love the mission!

I got to go on exchanges with Elder Tang on Tuesday, and Elder Chand on Friday. They are both great leaders and awesome missionaries. I've learned a lot from both of them. It's cool to see all of the different styles of missionary work. Everybody has their own little touch on the work. Although there are different styles, it's all the same work, and it's ALL done in the same way: the Lord's way. Its awesome how He works.

Thursday we had the chance to do some service for feiyu (flying fish!). He lives WAY up in the mountains. His house is one of the coolest homes I've ever seen. He's pretty much a Taiwanese mountain man. Super nice. Really just lives straight off the land. We moved some rocks, trees, and different things for him. It was super fun.

Last night we had the opportunity to sing at a city banquet type deal. A bunch of the local churches got together to sing for some people that got injured in an explosion a couple of weeks ago in Taipei. It was a neat experience. It was some good exposure for us missionaries.

Sorry this email is a bit scattered. I think one of the coolest things I've learned was from the words of Jeffery R. Holland. I read a talk by him about missionary work. He was speaking to full time missionaries at the time, but I believe his words apply to us all. He was once asked, "Would you die for this Church." He said, "Of course, that's the easy part." He went on to explain that dying for the Church would be easy and that Heavenly Father doesn't need people who would die for the church. What He needs is people who will live for it! I thought that was pretty profound. We need to do all we can to live the gospel to its fullest. He needs His children to stand as witnesses of His Son. He needs us to be lights in this world that is quickly fading. And he knows we can all do it! He's provided for us ways to be lights.

Find a way this week to be a brighter light of Christ!

I love you all, have a blessed week
Elder Chase Matua

Service at the home of Flying Fish....

...the most Polynesian Taiwanese guy I know
Showing my Samoan coconut husking skills
Serving is always fun

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