Sunday, September 13, 2015

Can ye feel so now? Alma 5:26

What a great week it has been. We are continuing to see more and more miracles. This truly is the Lord's work, and I love being a part of it.

Elder Stephens and I have been running into a lot of great people as usual. The great people we've been running into lately have actually been sort of interested in the message we bring. The one we are expecting to see the most progress from is a lade named Glenda. She's from the Philippines. We were riding home one night when we decided that we needed to talk to ONE more person. We were riding down one street when we saw someone literally coming out of the shadows. It was a little sketchy, but we decided to talk to her. We started talking to her and she looked as if she saw a ghost. there was a little bit of silence and she said, "I'm sorry, I don't speak chinese." Later I figured out she was SO confused seeing Elder Stephens speaking Chinese to her. She's awesome. Mentioned to us that she's looking for a Church where she can "really feel it". Fill up the fonts right? She had work so she couldn't make it out to church yesterday, but she's really excited to come next week. We're excited for her as well.

Just miracle after miracle, and the Lord continues to provide. Almost a year out, and I continue to be in awe at how Loving our Heavenly Father is. I've thought about it a lot and the spirit has testified to me that He is truly my Father in Heaven. He has provided so much for me to learn and grow. I quote Alma 5 because the questions Alma asks are so powerful. Whatever point you're at in becoming truly converted to Jesus Christ, there will only be one thing that keeps you motivated to move forward: The Comfort of the Holy Spirit of God. Why do people choose to be baptized? It's because through the feelings of their hearts, the Holy Ghost has born testimony of the truthfulness of the Everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ. Why do we choose to endure to the end after we have been baptized? It's because we feel promptings of the Holy Ghost to endure, to choose the right, to become a true disciple of Jesus Christ. So lately I've been asking myself this question, What am I doing to help others feel the spirit? What I'm I doing to help others truly feel the love of God?  And I have been growing SO much.  "Can you feel so now?" I just think it's super powerful!

The rest of the week was pretty great. Zone meeting was awesome. Learned a lot from inspired leaders that have been called of God. Spoke with some good buddies I haven't seen in a while.
Are ward is doing great. They're all so awesome and striving to build the Kingdom of God. I had the chance to go on two exchanges this week. One with Elder Lindahl and one with Elder Nielson. Both super awesome guys.

The mission is great. I love being a servant of the Lord.
I hope you each have a blessed week.

Love you all!
Elder Chase Matua

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