Thursday, September 17, 2015

Teaching, serving and loving the work

Bro Hou of our Stake Presidency
Pretty crazy, and super fast week! I don't even know where to begin.

Monday we had our second lesson with Glenda! She accepted baptism and is super ready to make covenants with God. The thing that's difficult with her is trying to find a member to come with us to visit her. We only have about 2 people that can kinda converse in English, and they're always really busy. Normally I pray every morning that I can have the gift of tongues. Lately I've been praying that our members can miraculously have the gift of tongues and interpretation of tongues!

Me in my new 'ama' pants
Wednesday we did some pretty good service for Sister Ma. Awesome lady with a huge chunk of property up against the mountains. We helped her clear out some trees and a whole lot of weeds that were bigger than the trees. Our English class was super good. This little boy named Henry has been excited to say prayers for us in class. It's awesome because when he says prayers, he sounds like he's just talking to a friend. 3 Nephi 26:16. This guy is like nine-years-old and he teaches us something amazing about the gift and opportunity to speak with our Father in Heaven. It's just like talking to a friend.

My super long hair - don't worry
I'm getting a haircut today
On Saturday we went up to LuYe (about a 20 minute train ride north) for an FHE held at the home of one of our Less Active members, the Lin Family. Super big family. Although, they weren't all there, the majority of our ward was and it was really nice to see everybody together. We did an awesome activity with some really long rope. Everybody stood in a circle, then starting with our bishop, we passed the ball of rope around connecting everybody according to hobbies, interests, attributes, pretty much anything that we could think of. Of course it ended up being a huge web. We lowered it, and had some people lay in the center while the others lifted up. The point was that our ward is a family. We're all here helping each other. Lifting one another up. It was pretty cool.

The Sabbath was awesome as usual.

Super awesome FHE activity
Impactful experiences, many miracles, new friends, lots of hard work. It was a good week. I continue to love my mission experience. It's still super hard. Lately, it's been especially rough, but the Lord always provides. We have zone conference tomorrow and then stake conference on Saturday and Sunday, all up in Hualian, so I'm pumped for that!

I hope each of you have a very blessed week!

Love you tons!
Elder Chase Matua

Splits with Elder Lindahl
Saw this dog-lion-bear-Ewok thin and had to take a pic
Biking around LuYe
Life of a missionary - practicing lessons on inanimate objects
Scooter game is strong in this one

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