Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Working hard in Honolulu-West

I am definitely glad to be back in Hon-West with a good companion. It has been an awesome feeling to be back around the people that I served with in the Lanakila Ward. They all still remember me haha. I even saw an old friend from Kona yesterday and they remembered me too. You never really understand the impact you can make on peoples lives sometimes. I am so grateful for every single person the Lord has let me serve here. Everyday that helps push me to serve everyone and develop that Christ-like love for them. That is by far my favorite part of being a missionary.  

I just got an email from John Raass. He sounds like he's doing good. I hope him and Mica are starting to take things serious. Looking back I think that would have been the most important part to get things straight. Sadly we didn't know that we were going to be able to serve at 18-years at that time. That just goes to show that you should never procrastinate.

Last Thursday we got to go to the PCC Christmas Lagoon to see the lights. While we were waiting in a very long line I got to talk to a mom and dad with a son serving in Samoa. It was funny because I saw you dad and mom while I was talking to them. The mom was freaking out because the son had gotten sick and he's out in the boonies with limited communication, while the dad knew he would be okay and everything will be good. I think all parents are pretty much the same. Dads have this calm trust with the elders while the moms are constantly worrying. That is one reason I am glad that I am still in America so mom doesn't need to worry too much.

Nothing too new here, We have fights and all kinds of nasty stuff in the area. I figure, they are just having a hard time loving each other, but we still find the bright spots in all of Heavenly Fathers children and do our best to serve.

No new adventures just life as a missionary during the holiday season, no one really has the time. We missed out on seeing two of our big investigators. They both just didn't show up. Elder Talatau is cool. He just knows how to be a real person and not try and fake his way through being a missionary. Plus he is an athletic Poly who will go to the gym with me and play sports.

I got the first package on the 10th, doing my best to keep up with the 25-days of Christmas.

Ya don't call on me for any singing assignments. LOL That has still not changed about me, I still can't sing and I still don't like singing. In some wards they ask you to and as a missionary you can't say no, but you can warn them haha! Sadly all it takes is one musical number with a bunch of tone def elders and the ward learns its lesson. Also sad that I probably wont be doing anything for my birthday with anyone more than my companion. Mission Pres just put a "discontinued" stamp on all zone activities even put a limit on district activities.  

But on the bright side...we can Skype in a few days haha! I will let you know the details that week

How's Chase doing? Any word from him about his travel news? Hope all works out.

I have developed a love for Samoan food though. Every dinner here is taro, pisupo, and the occasional palusami. The language is coming slowly along. My understanding is getting really good when it comes to small talk and gospel related topics, I can catch the gist. Even with all the drama my love for the Samoan culture grows every day.

Alofa atu!

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