Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hello from CCSM

I've been reassigned to the Colorado-Colorado Springs Mission to wait out my visa!

What an interesting past couple of days! After all of that craziness over Thursday and Friday, I'm finally in the field!

My home for now - my bed in the corner (Samoan style)
First things first, my companions are awesome! Elder Guy from Louisiana is training two people right now: me and Elder Johnson. Elder G only has two months left! He is such a great missionary. Both he and Elder J are great! Elder Johnson has only been out a month so I've actually been a missionary for longer than he has which is funny. I still consider him more experienced though. He's from Vermont.

Funny thing: He (Elder J) totally knows sister Tarawhiti and he flipped out when he found out I knew her too, let a lone she is from our ward! I guess his property backs up against the memorial where Tahi was serving in. Pretty crazy though. Small world!

My companions - Elder Johnson (r), Elder Guy (l) -
awesome guys
Saturday we woke up and played basketball EARLY in the morning. We woke up at 5:40 a.m. to get there at 6:00. It was super fun though. Then we went to choir practice. Yes, I'm in the ward Choir hahahah. We then helped one family move out of their house, and one family move in. Lots of service on Saturday. We went to dinner at a member family's home. (The ward missionary work is incredible here. The ward mission leader has things down! I went to a correlation meeting after church yesterday and was just so surprised at how amazingly organized this ward is. Such an awesome ward.)

Sunday was awesome. First REAL sacrament meeting I've been to since my farewell haha. I even got to go to Elder's quorum and  Gospel Principles. I love it. The bishop is great, and all of the members are fantastic.

It's a white Christmas after all
Sunday night we ate at the Elders Quorum President's home. A really nice family. After dinner, we went to the Hickman's home (another family in the ward) and taught them the plan of salvation. Bishop Waters has challenged every family in the ward to take the missionary lessons. Last night was my first lesson in the field and it was awesome!

All in all, Colorado is great. I'm actually kind of surprised at how much I'm loving this. I mean I knew I'd love the field, I'm just excited at how much I love this place haha. The people are awesome. The other missionaries here are awesome. Being on a mission is awesome!

I love you all and miss you tons! I'm sorry this letter is kind of lame. I'm getting worse at writing them. I promise to do better next week.

Love you guys!
Elder C. Matua

Merry Christmas from Colorado Springs!

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