Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving - Hawaii Style

Had a pretty exciting week and some pretty cool experiences. We got to do some really cool service the day before Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving morning. We helped the folks at Tita's Grill unwrap, prepare, and re-wrap in foil, 200 or so turkeys for a big 'umu that they were doing for the homeless and seniors.

Cooking turkeys in the 'umu for the homeless and seniors
After we got the turkeys all wrapped up we helped take them to another place where we helped move
the fire and get it ready for the turkeys. We put them all in and covered it up. We woke up at 5 o'clock on Thanksgiving morning to go and help take the turkeys out of the 'umu. They took most of the turkeys to Waianae side for the homeless shelter and the rest went to Tita's Grill for the Seniors and the missionaries. We went to play some football and rugby with at the PCC and had a fun meal with the Si'ilata and Te'o-Tafiti families. To finish off Thanksgiving we got together as missionaries and played some games at Laie Park.

On Friday we had to take Elder Gardner, Elder Young Yen's comp, to the airport for an early transfer to Hilo. So Elder Young Yen has been with us and will be with us until Wednesday when they have the regular transfers.

With the boys after another great temple trip
On Saturday we were able to be a part of Elder Young Yen's baptism. It was a Chinese lady, who got baptized in the Tongan ward that I actually got the chance to teach a while back. It was a great baptism and the spirit was there as always. After, we got to eat at their Bishops house. They gave "light refreshments" - Tongan for a whole meal. haha!

Sunday we had a long day of Church. After three Sacrament meetings and a couple of lessons later we were finally done with church. We then went to sing in a missionary choir in Kahuku for a missionary fireside. After that we finished the week with a great dinner with the Alaiasa family.

Last Christmas as Elder Matua (sad face)
Overall it was a good week. I also found out that I will be transferring. I have no clue where I am going yet but I will leave Hau'ula on Wednesday. I am so grateful for all the time that I have been able to spend here in Hau'ula and for all the experiences that I have had but a change will be nice now. By this point in my mission I know that everywhere we are put in our lives, we are put there for a reason. I have been able to see that in all of my areas and even here in Hau'ula. Now I can't wait to see what is next! Love you all!

Hope you get feeling better mom. Its crazy to think that I just spent my last Thanksgiving here in Hawaii. Next Thanksgiving I will be right back to freezing my butt off with you guys. Or maybe we can come spend a Thanksgiving here in Hawaii...

Elder Kingston Matua

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