Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Feeling the Christmas Vibe

Another great week for the books. I'm still loving it here at the MTC. Yes, even though every day is the same haha. It's fun. I can't believe I've already been on a mission for two months! How crazy is that?!

This week was similar to the other nine that i've spent here. I've been feeling the Christmas vibes a lot lately. Yesterday was a great day. Because it was Fast Sunday, we had mission conference first thing in the morning. Listened to members of the MTC presidency. They are all great. The best was Sunday night. Instead of a normal devotional we usually do on Sunday nights, they let us watch the Christmas Devotional. There were a lot of really great messages that I loved. However, as I was there, I began to think about all of my past Christmases. All of the great memories that we made as a family. One specific Christmas came to mind. I'm not sure if you remember this one mom, but this is a memory that I will never forget.

I don't remember the exact date, but I know for sure it was when we were in the rental house in West Valley. One night mom got "called out to work" or so my brothers and I thought. It must have been the night before Black Friday because the one thing I clearly remember is mom knocking on our front door the next morning. She had never come home the night before, but I had just thought she got home super late. I didn't realize she never came home until I opened the door and she was standing on the steps with her work clothes on. If I remember correctly, at this time she was still working on the ramp [at the airport] so she was in her heavy duty gear. She looked exhausted and I was so confused.
So that happened. Then Christmas came around. We opened our presents and had a wonderful morning as usual. I don't even remember what the gift was, but I remember dad saying, "Remember when mom went to 'work' and she didn't come home until the following morning? It's because she was camping out at a store by herself getting that gift for you guys."

Simple story right? (sorry if it was super confusing) But it's a story I'll never forget. Sometimes...okay a lot of times, I took for granted how much my parents love me. I look back at those moments now and I just am filled with so much happiness because I have the greatest parents on the earth. I tried taking these thoughts a little deeper: How could I connect this to the love that Christ has for me? Jesus Christ died for me. He performed the Atonement for me. He performed the Atonement for you. Sometimes, we (I) take this gift for granted. just as mom didn't want us to know she had stayed up all by herself that night, Christ didn't care for the glory of dying for each of us. He did it for the pure reason that He loves each of us.

Elder D's mom sent apple cider and...this happened LOL
This Christmas season, I am going to focus more on others and focus more on my savior. I am so grateful for Everything that He has done, is doing, and will do for me. I love Him. He is the Gift.
Dad--Do you remember that kid that played with me when I played for the Lions? He played center for Bingham. His name's Tance Allsup? Yeah, I saw him here! He came in on Wednesday! I guess he's going to Tempe, Arizona. I don't know, it made me really happy to see him here.

I hope all is well. I love hearing from you guys every week. I miss the boys. Say hi to them for me.
Oh and I'm still at the MTC. There's a chance we get our travel plans tonight. Maybe head out to Taiwan on Wednesday. They still haven't told us anything yet, but it's okay. still just chillin.

Mom and Dad, I love you guys. I feel your prayers. Being here has grown my love and respect for both of you so much. You guys are the greatest.

Until next week.
Elder Chase Matua

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