Saturday, April 8, 2017

Staying in Yeonsan and Michael Jackson's man

Saying goodbye to Elder Johnston
I'm staying in Yeonsan for another transfer but I will be getting a new companion today. Im glad I get to stay though. I really love serving here.

We don't get to watch General Conference until next week because they have to translate it for the Koreans. I heard about Elder Choi's talk. He is our homie over here in Korea.

This week has been going good though. As we were proselyting we met this guy named Kitte Gar. He is in love with michael jackson. While we were talking to him he just kept busting out his michael jackson moves. He said he practices every morning. when we were talking to him, he literaly, mid sentence,  would just look up to the sky, scream and yell, "NO Michael, 2009, he went up to the sky!" he did that about three or four times. We see him pretty often now while we are walking around the city. I don't even know if he's real.

Not to much happened this week. The Bath house was great this morning. Excited for general conference.

Hope you guys have a good week.
Elder Mica Matua

With my homies from the Ward
Me, Master Steve and Elder Johnston
Getting our grub on
Bath house squad

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