Monday, April 24, 2017

Flat shenanigans and good progress

P-Day at the Zoo with the homies
This week has been great.

We just got an email from our mission president saying, due to tensions in North Korea we have to go pick up our passports from the mission home and get our 72-hour kits ready. But we just keep on working.

Me and Elder Aurich contacted everyone in the area book and met with so many people this past week. Most of them have no interest but we did get a few good ones. We met with a guy named Mr. Park at the church and he started talking about how good he is at tennis. Then he told us about a tennis court where there are always guys playing tennis and he wanted to take us there so we hopped in his car. When we got there, there wasn't a single person there. So we watched the Easter video with him and left. As we were walking out this old man walked in. We introduced ourselves and it turns out he is friends with our old Bishop. We got his number and invited him to church.

Met a lot of awesome people this week and had some great lessons. Oh and someone keeps coming into our apartment when we aren't home. One time we walked in and our washing machine was in the middle of the floor. The next time they just left the door wide open. And a few days ago they left a "surprise" in our toilet. Besides that this week has been great.

Love you all,
Elder Mica Matua

Zoo with Elder Aurich

At a massive local stadium

Another very amazing lesson from Steve

Recreation clothes

Chillin in the flat

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