Sunday, April 16, 2017

Adventures with Sister Kim

Elder Oh - heading home
We had a really great first week of the transfer. We spent the first two days contacting hundreds of people in the area and were able to meet a few people from it. We met with a man who owns a seafood restaurant by the church who I see all the time who turned out to be a former investigator. He was really nice but he told us that if we were trying to convert him to our religion then we are wasting our time. But we stayed and taught him a lesson and bore testimony.

Last night we were walking home and as we were waiting at a light in front of McDonald's this man approached us from behind. When I turned around I recognized him immediately. It was one of the McDonalds workers that we see every week, since Steve takes us to McDonald's a lot. We started talking and then eventually found out that he had been baptized in our church. We had no idea. We got his number and are going to meet with him next week.

Earlier this week we got a call from the grandma of the Yeonsan ward inviting us over for lunch. She told us which bus to ride to get to her house but when we got to the stop we didn't know which direction to take so we caught a taxi. When we got in the taxi we called sister Kim and handed the phone to the driver. Then you just hear her yelling at him, "I told them to take the bus." The driver had a hard time understanding her because her Busan accent is so thick but we eventually made it to her house. When we got close we just see an old lady in a bright yellow rain coat waving down our taxi and it ended up being sister Kim. We were at the bottom of a mountain. We walked about a half a mile strait up the steepest hill I have ever climbed with sister Kim. She is 86 years old and just power walked strait up the mountain like a beast.

When we got there she fed us so much food. Her husband died many years ago and her kids are all moved out so she lives alone. She is such an amazing member. She got baptized 40 years ago after her son joined the Church and now has been a strong member ever since. We shared a message with her and then said a prayer and when we were about to leave she said, 'I need to go to the market so I will walk down with you guys.' As we walked out of the apartment there were two old ladies standing outside and they asked her where she was going and she yelled, 'the market,' but as we were walking away me and Elder Aurich heard them say, she is always with foreigners, they didn't know we speak Korean. As we walked down the mountain we kept passing old ladies and Sister Kim would randomly say to them, 'We are going to the market.' They would reply, 'together?' And Sister Kim would say, 'You bet!' it was pretty funny. Then she waited at the bus stop with us and yelled at the bus driver to make sure we got to the right place.

General Conference was awesome this past week. I think it was the first time I didn't fall asleep throughout the whole thing. Being a missionary, listening to the words of the prophets is very different. It is really cool hearing the testimonies of people who have so much experience in the gospel. #thechurchistrue #PrinceofPeace.

Love you guys
Elder Mica Matua

Made it to Sister Kim's house
Hiking with Sister Kim

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