Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Zone Conference and more

Another great week goes by here in the Honolulu Hawaii mission. Hauula is stilling treating me well. We had ward camp with the Samoan Ward (Hauula 5th) this weekend so we were able to do some fun activities with the members and get to know them all a little better. There was also a lot of food. Every tent we went to they were showing us love with food. I probably ate too much.

We were also able to do a good amount of service this week. Tuesday we painted a house and on Thursday we helped weed a small farm area. The spiders and centipedes were huge!

We had Zone conference last Friday. Since we have the Visitors Center in our zone we are big enough to do zone conference on our own which was kinda weird to me. We usually have two zones combined for zone conference. Pres. Warner gave us a training on introducing the Book of Mormon which was really cool and Sis. Warner talked to us about communicating - mostly with our companions and how we can have happy companionships.

Every zone conference pres Warner asks us all to prepare a talk and gives the whole mission one topic. This time around it was Humility. After lunch he will call on one sister and one elder to share the talks that they have prepared. I usually spend a good amount of time on these talks and then feel like it was for nothing when I don't get called on. I made the comment to some of the other elders earlier that morning and sure enough while I'm wiping up a spill on the floor Pres calls on me to give the talk haha! I will never complain again.

I was very grateful for the chance that I had to study the topic of humility. In Alma it talks about humility being an attribute that is required to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Which means that having pride, or not being stripped of pride will keep you from entering our Father in Heaven's Kingdom. I am really going to start focusing on eliminating pride from my life. When I have tried my best to be humble I am happier and it seems easier to take on the challenges of every day life.

Family - I fell like I haven't left a family note in a long time so here's one: Congrats to Chase for finishing the [high school] race. I hope you are ready to start the next one. Let me now if there are any questions that you have about the mission. I would love to be able to help with them.
Mica, Kenyon, and Quinn, enjoy your summer, have fun, and stay out of trouble.
Dad Happy B-Day and mom, your'e the best. Love you all I'm doing great.
Being around negative people can sometimes affect my spiritually, but I push through it. I am trying to figure out what changes I can make to myself that can help everyone around me. Sister Warner taught us that when we are having problems in a companionship, 90 percent of the time the change needs to happen on our part.

Yeah almost everyone here knows someone from the Lehi Fa Taha Family and the other half knows you dad haha! Your uncle or cousin is here I don't remember which, but he is an Utai and he is from Savaii and for the life of me I cannot remember his name. I am soooo sorry we had zone conference this week and I totally spaced putting your card in the mail. It is a combined fathers day and B-day card. Hope all goes well with trek.

Thank you all for your love and support! Congrats to all those you graduated this month, good luck in the next chapter of your lives!

Alofa Tele,
Elder Matua

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