Monday, June 2, 2014

More North Shore Updates

Skating in Hawaii?
Nothing new happened this week. We're just looking for people to teach and stay busy. Most people were busy with graduation stuff this weekend. We were able to attend a child of record baptism. We had the chance to teach an 8-year-old boy before he was baptized. We are really just working with two other child of record situations where the Bishop likes us to make sure the kids are fully understanding their commitment. It is a good way to keep our teaching up. The work is slow but good.

Got some visits from some great familiar faces this week. It has been nice to see familiar faces around and their love is always great. Kap (Tafiti) comes to church every Sunday and I saw him at the PCC a couple of weeks ago.

I'm currently in Alma 26 so we are pretty close to each other haha.

Alofa tele,
Elder K. Matua

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