Thursday, June 26, 2014

Survived another transfer

Well we made it through the transfer! We had a difficult but we kept working through the challenges and finished another transfer. We got some good new elders and sisters in the zone and we are ready to work here in Laie in the next couple of weeks.

This past week we were just getting elders ready to transfer and preparing areas for the new elders coming in. But we were still able to teach some good lessons and do choke service. On Saturday we were helping at the temple weeding some of the spots on the temple grounds. Then we went over to Sunset to help with a Mormon Helping Hands project and clearing more weeds. Finally we were able to help an elderly couple in the Samoan ward paint part of their house. Other than all that it was just a normal week.

It sounds like Mica and I are going to have some good times playing rugby when I get home. I've been waiting and hoping for one of my brothers to fall in love with rugby so that we can go to work together. Can you believe that in a year I will be back and playing again? Time goes so fast! Every time someone asks me how long I've been out it takes me awhile to think about it and when I can come up with a number I feel like there is no way I've been out that long. Then I get scared because that means that I'm almost done. All of my really good mission friends who were my leadership and stuff at the beginning of my mission are starting to go home. I feel like it all goes so fast. I love it though.

I feel bad because I was going to put a postcard in the mail for auntie Lisha and I looked at her address and it said 830 W 720 W so I didn't know which was which LOL. Can you give me the correct one so that I can send it to her?

Love you all!
Elder Matua

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