Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Another week in Lanakila

We have been working really hard on putting a month long fast together for the ward that will give them a boost and hopefully help the members begin to see the importance of completing ordinances so that they can receive the promised blessings from making and keeping covenants with our Heavenly Father. We had a lot of lessons cancel on us though so that has been a bummer.

We have continued our teaching with two young men who are cousins. One of the young men has a less active father and two older brothers who have been baptized recently. We really needed them to come to church so that they can be on track for their baptismal date. Sadly as we waited they never came to sacrament meeting. After church we went to see them and discuss the matter of changing their date. The oldest brother came to the door to talk to us and told us that they had all slept in so he woke them all up and took them to the Samoan ward. So they all got to church and they are still on track for baptism!

This past week as we have been trying to contact members on our lists we have gone to some sketchy places. We contacted some members in a place that made me feel like I was in another world. Everyone there was speaking a different language and the buildings were so close together we had to walk single file and the houses felt like they were going to collapse on us. Then we went to some housing units and as we were walking through the narrow hallways my companion decided to tell me that he has heard stories of people getting stab in these halls. So lots of fun times searching. We were protected by the Lord even though I did step in some pee... haha!

Love you all, hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Easter Sunday and was able to strengthen their testimonies of our resurrected savior Jesus Christ. The church is True!

Alofa tele,
Elder Kingston Matua

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