Thursday, April 17, 2014

Update from Honolulu

We got to go to the temple this morning which means p-day is today. Nothing new going one here. We had two investigators coming to sacrament meeting so that was great. One of them was a young man who is ready to be baptized and has a date for May 3rd!! The other was his cousin who still needs some work.

We are starting to build our teaching pool and the ward is getting behind us really well. We will keeping working hard and do everything we can to help the people in the Lanakila area.

Dad, Elder Teisina was with me in Kaneohe. Teisina and Elder Langi were covering the Tongan branch and I think he is the only one out here that I know of. My new companion is Elder Temahuki. He is one of the best missionaries I've served around. He is done in three weeks so he is coming to the end. It is a very different experience working with a missionary who is almost done but I am learning so much from him and I'm very grateful for the opportunity to be his last companion. The area is slow but we are slowly picking things up so all is well.

I'll have a better update with pictures next week, the computer is just about to kick me off. Love you all! The gospel has been restored and we are doing the work of the Lord.

Alofa tele,
Elder Matua

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