Thursday, May 1, 2014

Working Hard

Well we are all set for a baptism on Saturday!
Aaron and Jonah have fulfilled all the requirements of baptism and have been interviewed and are excited to get baptized. Both of them have been great in all the lessons and it is great to see a real desire in these young boys to do what is right and be great examples to all around them.

The rest of the week was really good as well. We have been sharing a little message about the 30 day fast that we will be doing and the members have really gotten behind the idea and are pushing it along. We are seeing many families in the ward catch the vision of completing ordinances and helping the others around them do the same.

Families are coming together, the ward is getting excited together, and even non-members are joining in on the fast. Things are going really good here in Lanakila. Transfers are coming soon so my companion is about two weeks from the end of his mission so we are working super hard so that he can leave on a good note.

Love you all, go to church, read you scriptures, and pray always. The church is TRUE!!

Alofa Tele,
Elder Matua

P.S. The city is rough!

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