Sunday, February 19, 2017

Exchanges and Investigators

Not too busy this week. A lot of proselyting, but still great. On Tuesday I went on exchanges with our zone leader Elder Labrum over in Gupo. It was really fun and a good exercise because every single road there is a steep hill. and all we did was proselyte. We actually met a lot of people and got a lot of contacts. While we were walking around, Elder Labrum wanted to take me to the dog market. I wasn't really sure what a dog market was but now I definitely do. Its just like a normal street market but instead of tables lined with fish and fruits, there were huge red cages packed full of these big dogs. Also there were tables lined with skinned dogs ready to purchase.

The street has a big red tent cover over the top which makes it look really sketchy. I guess what they do there is illegal, so when me and Elder Labrum were walking in, this old lady jumped up and ran down the street yelling to the other market people to warn them that we were coming. They get really scared when they see two foreigners in suits randomly walk through. And if they even see a camera they freak out so I couldn't get any pictures. but we did get some pictures with the puppies that they were selling for ten dollars out front.

Yesterday our investigator came to church again. He really seems to love the ward and after church he told us that it was the best time he has ever had at church, he has been to very many different churches.

Yesterday after church while we were doing language study, we got a call from an unknown number. It was from a man we met on the street that we gave a contact card to, so we were really surprised when he actually called. He took us to his house and we taught him a lot about our church. We found out that he is part of a different religion that believes God came to Korea in 1870 and gave them a bible. When we gave him a book of Mormon and gave him a chapter to read he gave us one of those bibles and gave us a chapter to read. We left and went back to the church and were thinking of how we are going to help this guy since he is already so strong in his religion. Then last night we found out that our second counselor in the bishopric used to be a part of that same religion and he said he will come with us next time to help teach him.

Korea is a really hard place to find prepared people but I know that God continues to put people in our path. I know this church is true and I am thankful to be a part of Gods work.

I love you guys and hope you have a great week!
Elder Mica Matua

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