Sunday, February 26, 2017

Transfers, Investigators and fun with friends

Another great week in Busan.

We got transfer calls on Saturday both me and my companion are staying. Which is great because I love Busan. A few elders from our district are transferring out so we had a big get together at the bathhouse this morning.

This week we got a call from an unknown number and when we answered he we could barely understand what he was saying but we picked up that he wanted to meet us at the church. When we got there, there was a little guy standing out front of the church. His name is Souerk Bonang. He is from Cambodia and doesn't know any English and very little Korean. We found out that is the little brother of a man named Annam, who is a member in the ward but hasn't been to church for years because of his job. Souerk Bonang was really fun to teach and he wants to meet us again, so we went and picked up a bunch of Cambodian pamphlets and a Cambodian Book of Mormon.

On Wednesday we got another random call from a guy wanting to meet us. We met up with him a subway station and he took us to his office building. He took us up to the 20th floor and brought us into his office room. There was two ladies and another guy sitting there waiting for us. They sat us down and we started talking. They immediately started talking about their business which was like a foreigner protecting program. Then we realized that they wanted to meet with us so that we can promote their business while we were proselyting and they tried to give us a bunch of material to hand out. We told them more about what we are doing as missionaries and how we couldn't promote for them which got us into a discussion about our church. Three of them were already Christians and one of the ladies is Buddhist. They got really interested in our church and restoration and how we are different from other missionaries. The Buddhist lady was probably the most interested and she kept asking all these questions about Joseph Smith. We gave them all Books of Mormon and they gave us all of their cell phone numbers and told us they want to meet again.

Even though we struggle to find people to teach here in Korea, the Lord keeps putting people in our path in different ways. Everything is going great here in Korea and the work is moving forward. Hope you guys all have a great week.

Elder Mica Matua

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