Sunday, January 8, 2017

Taxi's, a fat guy and New Years

Happy New Years!

Hope you guys had fun partying this week. New Years isn't too big here in Korea. Their biggest holidays are the Solar new year and Korean thanksgiving. But we did go to Baskin-Robbins on New Years Eve for their 31st deal. Besides that we have been working as usual.

Last week when I went on exchange, I packed an exchange bag with all of my stuff in it. Then we took a taxi to the bus terminal and when I got out I totally forgot my bag in the back of the taxi and it drove off. We tried to call the taxi company but there is like ten million taxis in Chang-Won so they basically told us we are out of luck. About a week later I was on exchange with Elder Fox, Elder Jenkins was with Elder Oh. That night when we met up they had my bag. They said that they were walking down the street and a taxi pulled over and yelled at them to get in. He didn't tell them why and Elder Oh didn't recognize him. When the taxi driver was talking to Elder Oh he motioned to Elder Jenkins and said, "Wasn't there a fat one with you last week?"(talking about me). He drove them all the way to his house, ran in, and came back out with my bag. And then he just drove off and left them at his house.

Yesterday we met with two Chinese guys to teach them a lesson. It was really hard because they only knew a few words in Korean and no English, but it was a fun experience. The work is moving forward. the church is true.

love you guys,
Elder Mica Matua

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