Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Old folks, bath houses, ping pong and more

Our investigator in Changwan was baptized this week
Hey ya'll,

It's been a pretty busy week. We do a service project every week at a huge old person place. We sit in the kitchen washing dishes while about 20 old Korean ladies cook and serve food and one of the old Korean ladies kept smacking my butt. I'm not really sure why. Then we have English class every Thursday and Friday. After Thursday's class I challenged some of the class members to play me in ping pong (most of our class is over 70 or 80 years old). I got wrecked by two old guys who were 80 and an old lady who is 75. They all came to class with their custom paddles in little paddle cases.

For Friday's English class we just read the Book of Mormon in English which is cool since no one who comes to the class is a member. One of the guys actually knows the Book of Mormon stories

This morning we went to a public bath house. They are all over in Korea and the one in our area is supposedly the biggest one in Asia; maybe the world. It was a very interesting experience. You walk in and put all of your clothes in a locker (ALL of your clothes). The only thing you are wearing is a bracelet with a key on it. Then you just go chill in the hot pools with a bunch of old naked Korean guys.

This afternoon we went to Nampo, which is like the biggest outlet mall in the world. There's a tie store that sells really nice ties for two dollars and the guys know the missionaries pretty well because everyone from the mission goes there.

My investigator back in Changwon got baptized yesterday. He called me to see if I could come but the AP's said no. But it's okay, it just matters that he got baptized. It has been a little harder finding investigators in Busan. Everyone is really "busy" and don't want to listen. Another thing that makes it harder is that most people have a really bad opinion of Christian churches here since there is literally a Christian church on everyone corner just looking for money. But we are meeting with a family which is very rare in Korea. The family is sooo cool. the dad is hilarious and he wants us to teach his son English because he has a friend who learned English from the missionaries, moved to America, and got really rich. But his son is really shy and doesn't want to learn English. The family is really good when we teach them lessons. The dad's name is Sung Han and he loves to say the prayer at the end of our lesson. I really feel like this family will get baptized. When we meet with them it feels like we are meeting with one of the member families.

Busan is actually split up into two different zones and many different areas. Ours is called 연 산 (Yunsan). It is amazing. The Ward is really strong but there are like, 500 inactives. Korea is amazing. Sometimes when I'm walking around the city I don't realize what an amazing country this is but sometimes I stop and just take it in. Every day we are walking through huge skyscrapers, and buildings with colorful lights and signs all over them, huge fish and street markets selling all kinds of stuff, beautiful Korean mountains and tons of Buddhist temples. And the best thing is that the people are all so nice and respectful.
My friend Edwin in Changwan
really well. Every time someone asks a question he explains like the whole Book of Mormon.

A lot of work to be done. Hope everyone thing is going good back home. Stay safe.

Love you guys,
Elder Mica Matua

Johnny in Changwan
Robert, the Filipino member in Changwan
Exercising on the rooftops in Yunsan
District meeting in Changwan
Me and the homie, Elder Barnett

Nampo Mall - the place is huge!

Meat buffet with the missionaries in our area
Me and Elder Johnston eating bedar chicken in our apartment
Our apartment - study area
Our apartment - sleeping area AKA study area
Random Korean companies #1
Random Korean companies #2

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