Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Update from July 18

Xu De An - one of the smartest guys
I know. He's ready for baptism
Lots and lots of good news. I'm super happy for Mica and the steps he's taken to be where he's at right now. I'm so proud of him. I'm thinking before he heads into the MTC, I'll write an email to him, send it to you, and maybe you can print it off and give it to him. I would send him a letter, but I'm scared it wouldn't get there in time. Kingston send me a letter when I first got my call and it was way cool, I wish I could have done that for Mica, but I've procrastinated once again. Tell him sorry about that. I hope he know's how proud I am of him.

Sounds like everything else is going well.

My new comp - Elder Seamons
reppin' Draper, UT
Elder Tan moved to Taoyuan, so now I have a new companion. His name is Elder Seamons from Draper. He's been on island for about a year now. Great missionary and we're excited for the work we're going to do here in Songshan. We worked pretty hard this week. Elder Tan wasn't too happy to leave Songshan, but I know he'll love Taoyuan. Since I've been with Elder Seamons, we have had ONE opportunity to sit down and teach an investigator. All of the other time has been spent finding outside. SUPER exhausting, but we're looking forward to a good week this week. We have an investigator named Brother Xu who is the one closest to Baptism. He's pretty excited. Pray for him.  Besides that, all of our other investigators have been whimpin out.

I'm still loving my time here in Taiwan. I didn't realize how close I was until Elder Tan and I realized we only had 12 weeks until we see each other again. It's coming quicker than ever, I'm getting super nervous, and trying not to think about it at all.

Thanks for all of your love and support
Elder Chase Matua

We hiked up Elephant Mountain
Met this goofy 90-year-old guy George at the train station

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