Monday, July 11, 2016

Late Post - July 3 recap

My good friend Cody
from XiZhi
Well I don't have much to share this week. Just another 7 days of doing the work of the Lord. Gotta love it!

We had MLC on Friday. I always love going to those meetings. Filled with the spirit every time. President Jergensen is such an inspired man. Learning from him has been one of my favorite parts of serving here in Taiwan. It's also such a blessing to know that the Lord is working with us here in Taiwan. This past training was focused on Spiritual Gifts, and lesson preparation. Good stuff. Sister Jergensen taught us that we should ALWAYS be seeking for or developing a specific spiritual gift.

2 weeks ago we met a lady on the street named Elaine. She explained to me how she is not affiliated with a religion, but that she believes God exists. We asked her if she would willing to meet with us to learn more about the thing we share. She said why not? We finally got a chance to meet with her on Saturday. We started sharing more about our purpose as missionaries and a little bit about our families and all that good stuff and she started crying. She let us know that she believes that we are servants of God and that what we shared with her, she really liked. Seeing and feeling the spirit work in our hearts and her's was an awesome experience.
Exchanges with the Jilong Elders
(Tayloer & Weng

Elder Tan and I are looking forward to this week. We feel like we've just been going through the motions and that we could be doing a lot better. So this will be a good turn around week for us. We're ready to be stretched, pushed, pulled, and refined. It's game time!

That's pretty much it from SongShan! I love you all.

UPDATE: Elder Chase Matua is fine after the typhoon warning. He is expected to give us an update tomorrow since they had a temple visit Monday morning when he normally sends his weekly email.

Have a blessed week
Elder Chase Matua

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